Traductores del viento

traductores del viento

Our proposal

Ours Project is an independent, private and non-profit initiative to foster and support the links between towns and cities (the Periphery) and the natural setting where the Project is located (the Centre), as well as the links between rural sites and national and international locations. Thus, it is a collaborative and polycentric scheme, within a responsible, established and permanent framework, to sustain and further urban-rural linkages.

By encouraging and developing a dialogue with the community where the Project is based, we plan to launch a programme of events involving research, creative and critical thinking, and training and tutoring in the Arts, in addition to artistic transformation and aesthetics. All experts involved in Translating the Wind are committed to generating and guiding activities and undertakings as human endeavours sustained by a creative impulse in the broadest possible sense, with due care and respect to all participants.

The purpose is to bring together both urban and rural societies through creative and introspective activities and capacity-building, all of it in close contact with Nature in its purest state.

Translating the Wind is part of CUBO VERDE – a network of art spaces within the countryside and rural settings.

We are in the process of joining GALSIMA, an association of local action groups in the area known as Sierra Norte de Madrid.


We are twinned with the Centro de Arte y Naturaleza, “Cerro Gallinero
located in Hoyocasero (Avila)

Short-term and medium-term activities

The main focus is to recover and refurbish the premises of the old train station at BUSTARVIEJO.  The station’s quiet and peaceful setting was considered an ideal environment to promote personal and collaborative reflection, the exchange of methodologies and ideas, and the encouragement of artistic creativity in its many facets, alongside our seven specialist programmes to exhibit planned or completed works by artists during their relevant stay in our dedicated space or Espacio, where we plan to hold meetings, talks, workshops, exhibitions and other engagements.

The Espacio will provide a setting for the design and production of projects in the various subject areas, and for the deliberation and advocacy regarding Nature Conservation and the Culture of Peace.

Both practitioners and theoreticians from the world of Aesthetics, Creative and Critical Thinking, Environment and Wellbeing will take part in events aimed at exchanging knowledge between participants and communities.

Translating the Wind will promote links and contacts between cultural hubs and institutions, public and private initiatives, educational programmes and online projects, as well as supporting regular interaction.

At a later stage, the results of the work and research carried out during the year will be made known to the public through a rich and diverse programme of itinerant exhibitions, events, talks, meetings and gatherings, and publications.

La propuesta

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