Translating the Wind (Traductores del Viento) is a collective of independent creatives and artists.  It was established in 2018 as a non-profit organization.  With a tax domicile in the Community of Madrid, it is registered in the National Registry of Associations (number 615014).  Its Tax ID is NIF – G88237987.

All members of our team have extensive knowledge in their areas of expertise.  They will share their skills and experience with participants in the Project, and will also contribute to the development and implementation of joint projects.

Miguel Ángel Invarato is a cultural administrator, creative and journalist, and the founder of Translating the Wind.  The aim of the Project was to create a space that would allow debate and discussion on how Culture and its constituent elements and values can generate profound changes in society.  He invited artists and professionals to take part in an open Consultative Council, with both a national and international focus, in order to analyse and assess, share experiences, evaluate, provide advice, generate action and establish projects in the Arts, Creative and Critical Thinking, Sustainability, Wellbeing and the Culture of Peace.

Experts from various fields have joined the project: Visual Arts, the Literary World, Film, Architecture, Photography, Dance, Performance Arts and Music.  And also from the world of Creative and Critical Thinking, Education, Wellbeing, and Sustainability and the Environment.

To mention but a few of the participants: from the world of photography and visual and conceptual arts: Mayte Vieta, Kim Manresa, Ouka Leele, Carlos de Paz, Jean Luc Guerard, Noe Serrano, Albertina Tafolla, Fosca Bertran, Pere Pons, Carlos de Gredos, María Martín Antón, Toña Gomez, Manolo Oyonarte, Martine Sicard, Diego Lopez Calvin; from the world of film-making: Nila Guis; from the world of dance: Sofía Sancho, Melania Olcina, Maria Jose Ruiz Mayordomo; from the world of music: Florent Delaunay; from the world of spoken-word, poetry and performance: Fátima Miranda; from the world of architecture: Luis Miguel Diaz Dorado, Esther Carrillo and Yuhki Menendez; from the world of wellbeing and meditation: Alicia Sancho, Amparo Blanco and Natsuko Ohta; from the world of creative and critical thinking and the academic world: Federico Mayor Zaragoza; from the world of writing and publishing: Isabel del Rio

Estos son algunos de los integrantes de este Consejo siempre abierto a la participación.