Translating the Wind

We are involved in the process of reclaiming and refurbishing the premises of the old train station at BUSTARVIEJO, with the purpose of creating a working space to promote and foster creativity in a number of disciplines, and to enhance the understanding of the Culture of Peace.

Our thanks to Cristina Plazas (voice-over), Mar Valverde and Niurka Barrero (editing), Angel Martín, Antonio Menéndez and other contributors (photography and images).

In the present crisis, we need to conduct an ethical analysis on three fronts: our personal wellbeing, our social interactions and our relationship with the environment.  Translating the Wind takes its inspiration from the principles of non-violence, equality, inclusivity and diversity, and is fully committed to Environmental Conservation, Creative and Critical Thinking and the Arts.

Panorámica Bustarviejo

The Arts empower both our emotions and the symbolic.  Accordingly, the Arts are an essential platform for reflection and discussion, contributing as they do to the vital renewal of societies and sustainable development, and to raise awareness in our communities and the environment.

Our objective is to encourage affirmative and participative minds.  To achieve this, we are planning to create a meeting space for practitioners in the Arts and in Creative and Critical Thinking.  In all, it will be a collaborative, interdisciplinary and cross-sector effort, bringing together cultural, educational and scientific minds, and embodying a life-affirming stance.  Consequently, we will offer a range of study programmes on the pursuance of peace and the preservation of the environment.


Events, research programmes, training and tutoring, and creation within Nature.

Creating a space for workshops, tutorials, exhibitions, talks and discussions on literature and writing, chalcography, painting, sculpture, photography, film-making, music, book art, poetry…